Family focus: getting the most out of your workout

Experts recommended adding 3 supplements to boosting your workout: pre-workout, branch chain amino acids and protein./TJ Strickland (WGXA)

Getting into the gym is just another task to add to the to do list for a lot of us.

Between work, kids and keeping up with home life, finding the leftover energy and even time for that matter to get on that cardio machine can feel impossible.

That's why it's important to get the most out of your workout while you're still there.

So along with cardio and resistance training, the experts at 5 Star Nutrition in Macon said that getting the most out of your work out boils down to 3 things: pre-workout, branch chain amino acids and protein. We all have had a tough time getting out of bed and into the gym but that's where the pre-work comes in.

"Pre-workout would be a really good starting point for you. Just to get you started, get you motivated to go, get up and get into the gym especially after a long day at work or something you know, you just feel like going home, crashing or something like that, instead that pre-workout gives you that up to get into the gym", said General Manager of 5 Star Nutrition, Hiran Patel.

When you've hit the weights and burned the calories with the added energy boost, you want to make sure your body has pulled that energy from the right places. The BCAA's (branch chain amino acids) help out with that.

"Amino-acids, what they're used for is muscle preservation so while you're working out in the gym, your body is exerting energy, it's pulling from muscle tissue for energy but we don't want it to do that so we preserve the muscle tissue that way your body has to feed from something so its feeding away at fat sources", said Patel.

After the muscles are torn, protein helps rebuild them.

"While you're in the gym training, you're tearing muscle fibers, you're not typically growing your muscle tissue while you're working out. Now when you're growing is when you're outside of the gym and recovering. So protein helps carry nutrients to your muscle tissue there for us, help you recover that muscle tissue, help you rebuild and grow that muscle tissue", said Patel.

There is advice for those looking to start a new workout in the future.

"What I would tell a mom starting fresh in the gym or getting back into things is not to worry about the number on the scale. The number on the scale could fluctuate up or down, 1 or 2 pounds, who knows. Basically that number on the scale isn't going to be the best representation of you reaching your goals. The clothes, how they fit you. how people previeve you, now that's going to be the biggest key indicator of whether you are reaching goals or not. Because a lot of times when you put on muscle mass and lose weight, muscle weighs more than fat so a lot of times your number will stay the same but your body is changing and what we want is our body to change. Nobody is going to come up to you and say hey, how much do you weight? They're going to come up to you and say, hey you look good", Patel said.

Before taking supplements, talk to your doctor.

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