Family Focus: working from home

Essential Oil classes are offered in Macon. E. Mixon

Most parents are familiar with the age old battle of whether to work to support the family financially or stay home and support a family who needs you to physically be there.

Macon mom, Elizabeth Mixon, found the best of both worlds.

She is a stay at home mom of three young girls and as most parents will tell you, raising kids is expensive.

"It's been a great way for us to have extra income around our house. It's been a great way to build community with other families and it's been a great way for us to be able to afford extracirrcular activites for my kids", said Mixon.

Mixon works from home selling essential oils through Doterra.

She said, "Because the oils work they sell themselves".

Essential Oils come from plants and can be applied to the skin, diffused for aroma therapy or taken internally.

"they're great for immune support, upset stomach, the list goes on and one honestly, Amyre", said Tiffany Arnold, a Doterra wellness advocate.

Mixon said, "I mean, we have friends who have used them for monthly hormone cycles, menopause, pregnancy, headache, just normal healthy functions that we might need support in, they're great to support mood".

Mixon and Arnold, who is also a working mom, host classes to explain what the oils are and how they work.

From there they set you up with Doterra and help you learn the way to use the oils safely and effectively for your family.

"For my kids, we have only had two sick visits to the pediatrician in the last three years", said Mixon. "We've had a few colds, we've had a few illnessses but we just use essential oils to support our immune system".

Which also supports the the family finances.

"I've continued doing it as a job because I have friends of mine who are on my team who are hoping to replace their income and it be their main job and my upline Allison who was counting on it financially so for me I've been able to help people health-wise and financially by doing it", said Mixon.

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