After string of armed robberies, Macon businesses owners stick together

Subway on Riverside Drive was robbed on May 15 / WGXA

MACON, Ga. -- After a string of armed robberies at Macon businesses, local business owners say they are looking out for each other.

Lucious Hawthorne, who has worked at Bike Tech Macon on Vineville Avenue for 30 years, said that after the neighboring Subway was robbed in broad daylight on April 28, it sent shock waves through the local business community.

Hawthorne said that since then, employees at Bike Tech Macon have consistently been checking on Subway employees to make sure they are doing okay.

Investigator Shawn Bridger with the Bibb County Sheriff's Office said that this is a good way to help keep crime down. He said that if robbers are casing a location to rob it and see someone checking on it, they will likely not continue to target the area.

Bridger said that in the summertime as the temperature gets warmer, commercial armed robberies and personal robberies pick up.

He said that restaurants and convenience stores are popular targets for robberies because there are so many in Macon. He said that they have easy access for quick money and oftentimes there is only one employee working during a night shift.

However, Bridger said that it can be difficult to identify suspects in these robberies, especially if the cameras in the location aren't working properly or if the suspects are wearing something covering their faces. But he said that authorities can look for other identifying factors such as height, weight and tattoos.

Three suspects were arrested on May 11 in connection to eight armed robberies that took place at Macon business, including the Subway on Vineville, between late April and early May.

Bridger said that many businesses in the area were glad to get their peace of mind after those suspects were arrested.

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