Attorney Claims Laurens Co. Deputy Shot David Hooks While he Lay on the Floor of his Home

The video attached to this story was taken at David Hooks home after he was killed by Laurens County Deputies during the execution of a warrant on suspicion of drug activity.

After the shooting during the execution of the first warrant, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation executed a second search of the home. Neither search revealed any sort of drugs or illegal activity in the home.

That much both sides agree on, but the details of what happened that night differ greatly between the official release and what David Hooks' widow Teresa says she witnessed.

"In the affidavit that the GBI agent did to get the second search warrant, there was a statement in there which obviously came from Laurens County officers and deputies indicating that David Hooks was seen retreating up the stairs, that he then came back down the stairs with a gun. First of all we know from Teresa Hooks statement of what happened that, that is not what happened. Secondly we know that's not what happened because it would be completely impossible for the entry team to have seen the stairs that Teresa Hooks came down to awaken David Hooks that night." -Mitchell Shook/Attorney

Teresa hooks says the deputies never identified themselves as law enforcement until after they entered the home and opened fire on her husband.

Deputies fired 19 times that night and Shook believes at least two of the bullets that struck Hooks were fired as he lay on his kitchen floor.

"The trajectory of both of those shots coupled with the numerous shots that were obviously fired downward lead us to believe that David Hooks was face down on the ground when he was shot those last two times." -Mitchell Shook/Attorney

With the recent deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner shining a spotlight on deaths caused by police in the United States, Shook says there is an important difference between those cases and the death of David Hooks and that difference is communication.

"The Sheriff's Department has went into complete lockdown. They have issued no statements. They won't tell the press or even the Hooks family who the people who participated in this illegal raid were. They haven't told us if they've been placed on administrative leave, suspended, or if they're still out there supposedly enforcing the law.."

Sheriff Bill Harrell will not comment on the case, the GBI's investigation is still ongoing.