Bibb BOE adds buses, banking program


MACON, Ga. -- The Bibb County Board of Education approved new buses and a banking program for students at its meeting on Thursday.

The board unanimously voted to get six new buses to replace the oldest six in the fleet.

The school buses will cost around $530,000. More than half of the 28 buses in the fleet have been in service over ten years.

Board President Daryl Morton said the new buses will improve students' safety.

"We're transporting our most precious resource and that's children," Morton said. "So having the newest buses we can have help with safety. Also we've got to replace buses that simply have gotten too old."

In addition to buses, the board agreed to a partnership with MidSouth Community Federal Credit Union. The partnership sets up a banking and finance career-prep program at Hutchings College and Career Academy for students.

MidSouth will have a student-run branch the campus with one full-time employee. Students interested in the banking industry will be able to get practical field experience.

"I think that's something exciting because education often times is in the abstract so it's nice to have practical experience with doing the things you're looking at doing," Morton said.

The program will begin when the new school years starts in the fall.

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