"Black Artists of Georgia" exhibit coming to Tubman Museum

MACON, Ga. -- A new exhibit is coming to Macon's Tubman Museum on Friday in honor of Black History Month.

It's called Black Artists of Georgia and features 49 different works from 40 local artists.

According to Tonja Khabir, Education Coordinator at the Tubman, the goal of the exhibit is to showcase both folk and fine art.

"There's sort of an elitism in the art world where if you're educated then it's fine art, if you're not educated you're a visionary so that makes it folk art," Khabir said. "And so we wanted to be able to showcase it all together to show that it's all artwork and it all should be respected and it's all important to the story of African Americans."

The exhibit also showcases artwork from all different media including paintings and mixed media.

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