Book giveaway sparks interest in reading for Brookdale Elementary students

Bibb County Sheriff's Deputies helped Brookdale Elementary students pick out books at the school-wide book giveaway on Thursday./ Emily Swecker (WGXA)

Macon, Ga -- The Bibb County Sheriff's Office partnered with Book 'Em to hold a school-wide book giveaway at Brookdale Elementary School on Thursday.

Deputies helped over 400 students in Pre-K through 5th grade pick out five books each.

The goal of the giveaway was to slow down summer learning loss which occurs while students are on summer break.

Deputy Smith said being able to reach out to the community and see how excited the kids get reminds him why he puts the badge on every day.

"For many kids, this is the first book they've ever had in the household. They're used to just seeing a television or just playing video games and to have a book of their own, that is something that brings joy for them," Smith said.

In addition to getting books they want to read, students established relationships with local law-enforcement as well.

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