Calmer trial witnesses include GBI, other officials

Court was then dismissed until the next hearing, which was scheduled for June 20th./Jalynn Carter (WGXA)

Court continued Friday for Christopher Calmer, however he was not on a stretcher but instead in a reclining chair.

There was a lot of back and forth discussion on whether Calmer had the ability to be in court after taking Tramadol.

After Dr. Taunton testified that the medication he administered to Calmer would not affect his ability to continue with the trial, Judge Wilson broke for a lunch break.

Once the trial continued from lunch, Calmer was seen pouring coffee with no visible or audible signs of distress.

Multiple witnesses from the GBI, volunteer fire department and medical facilities testified on their first time meeting Calmer.

After the defense objected again to the trial moving forward, GBI Agent Rhiannon Morgan took the stand.

Morgan said a gun was seen on the living room floor along with blood.

Charles Woodall of the GBI took the stand next and said that the GBI searched for prescription purchases and a search history for murder on Calmer's computer.

Calmer's family members said he had purchased prescription medications online.

After Woodall stepped down from the stand, Officer Travis White was called to testify. White was an employee of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office in October of 2014.

White followed Calmer's emergency vehicle to the hospital, and he was present along with nurses while Calmer's was in a private room at the hospital.

White also recorded Calmer's mumblings in the hospital, and later turned them over to the GBI.

Calmer then was lying on the floor, and a ten minute recess ensued while Calmer was placed back into the recliner.

Once court returned from recess, White resumed his testimony.

White said that Calmer had not realized he had been shot, and he had complained about pain in his neck and shoulders.

Calmer could be seen no longer laying back in his chair, but instead resting his head in his hands. Once White finished his testimony, a crowd circled around Calmer with defense attorneys reporting that Calmer was in pain.

Various officials would continue to testify, with one even stating that during a quick encounter with Calmer, Calmer expressed the desire to die.

Volunteer fireman Shane Comer said that he went directly to Calmer on the scene, where he observed Calmer asking someone to kill him. Comer said Calmer's injury was not life threatening, that they were the least severe of anyone on the scene and that he did not treat him or administer medication.

Court was then dismissed until the next hearing, which was scheduled for June 20th.

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