East to West Art Walk aims to unite downtown Macon

Six artists are creating work for the East to West Art Walk in Macon / Shannon Lilly (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- Artists hoping to unite Macon left their artwork along the sidewalk and buildings on Coliseum Drive and MLK Boulevard.

It's part of the Macon Art Alliance's East to West Art Walk to get residents more engaged in Macon's downtown area.

Six artists were selected to create temporary sidewalk murals and other visual connections to breathe life into it.

One of the artists, 18-year-old Assad Thomas is working on a mural of birds on the side of the former Tubman Museum.

"I thought what other animal could, what better animal to do than a bird because they're always changing locations," Thomas said. "And moving from place to place."

Thomas said he's honored to be one of the artists selected for the project and plans to finish his mural by the end of the week.

He said he first got interested in art at a young age and now sees it not only as a therapeutic hobby, but as a future career.

"I mean I draw every day, ever since I can remember," Thomas said.

For illustrator Casey Trace, the project is about unity. She invited people in the community to paint circles onto a blank arrow.

"The reason I chose circles is it's sort of connecting," Trace said.

Kathy Nolan with Macon Art Alliance said the East to West project will bring the community together and show the connectivity between east and west Macon.

"We want them to see that Macon," Nolan said. "Downtown is safe, that it's friendly, that it's great for families and that people can come down and reengage and find new ways to do things with their family and your friends. And to be entertained without having to leave town."

It's funded by an $18,000 downtown challenge grant from the Community Foundation of Central Georgia.

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