Easy ways to go green for Earth Day

Ahead of Earth Day, there are easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint / Brittany Collins (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- Earth Day is on Thursday and people in Middle Georgia are remember the importance of keeping the earth clean.

There are different ways to reduce your carbon footprint, or the measurement of the carbon dioxide that causes global warming.

"I’m constantly aware to the threats of the environment so I try to do everything I can," said Kay Gerhardt, a Macon resident.

She walks or rides her bike as much as she can instead of driving. She said there are other ways to use less energy too.

"You can set your thermostat a little higher in the summer time," Gerhardt said. "You can turn off lights in the room you’re not using and you can turn things off when you leave the house."

Gerhardt is passionate about not cutting trees because the leaves help purify the air.

"It invites people to get out and walk and be part of the environment," Gerhardt said.

Others like Carrie Blackburn recycle cardboard, plastic and glass.

We've started using the re-usable shopping bags," Blackburn said. "We've got a whole big thing of them now and we just tote them around with us all the time."

You can even garden a certain way to strengthen the soil.

"Instead of gardening in the dirt, we have straw bells that we've conditioned that's basically composted inside," Blackburn said. "We plan directly into the straw bells of the conditioning process."

Even farmers can save the planet by having their livestock graze the grass.

"It's a system where carbon is pulled down from the atmosphere," said Vital Awareness co-founder Julian March. "It's carbon dioxide that's causing global warming and it pulls down the carbon from the atmosphere into the grass and eventually gets into the soil and it be stored there for thousands of years."

You can also save energy by using cold water to wash clothes and carpooling to work or school.

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