Filing an insurance claim quickly after home damage is key

Filing a claim early is important / Matt Mackie (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- For those with damage caused by Tropical Storm Irma, time is of the essence if you're hoping to have insurance cover it.

Will Hall, a property claims specialist with the Georgia Farm Bureau, said that filing a claim quickly will put people at the "top of the list" so to speak.

You would think that after sustaining damage to a home, filing a claim would be a homeowner's top priority.

Hall said based on his experience, that's not the case.

"You would hope so, but usually it does take after a storm, maybe seven to 10 days, and you'll still have claims trickling in," Hall said.

The claims process can't start until a person files the claim.

Take pictures of the damage and contact an insurance agent as soon as possible.

A field adjuster will then come to write an estimate of the costs.

Afterwards, do what you can to prevent any further damage.

Will all the damage caused by Irma, insurance agencies are preparing for a busy few days ahead.

Waiting too long could prevent you from resolving the problem quickly.

If you're insured through the Georgia Farm Bureau you can file a claim by calling them at 855-432-2567.

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