Gas prices in Georgia lowest in 2017

Gas prices drop in Middle Georgia.

MACON, Ga.-- There's good news for motorists fueling up their cars with gas this week. AAA said that gas prices are expected to be at an all time low, especially in Middle Georgia. The state average for a gallon of gas sits around $2.16. According to AAA, the lowest Georgia gas prices will be found in Macon, Valdosta and Augusta. The highest gas prices will be found in Atlanta, Albany and Savannah. The average price in Macon for a gallon of gas is $2.09.

Sklyer Riggins from Twiggs County said he is happy to hear the gas prices dropped, especially during the summer.

"I'm glad they dropped down, especially during summer time when people are doing a lot of traveling. I'm able to do a lot more, especially because I drive a V8," said Riggins.

Macon taxi driver, Johnny Cleveland, filled up his taxi at the Shell gas station off Arkwright on Monday morning. The price of gas was $2.01. He said it is a relief when gas prices go down.

"I drive a taxi cab everyday of the week. It takes a toll on us with the low gas prices, it's good. We have to buy our own gas for the taxis, so this comes in handy," said Cleveland.

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