Georgia College male students help combat campus sexual assault


MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. -- Male students at Georgia College took part in Sexual Awareness Month with a training course on Friday.

The program is called One in Four Men's Training and is a 7-hour, two day course behind closed doors.

One in four college women will be sexually assaulted, studies show.

The program aimed at teaching men about sexual assault and how to prevent it. Students feel that it's important that men are brought into the conversation.

"You can see a guy getting a little too close to a girl at a party," said Brian Williamson, a freshman. "You can see a guy hounding over a girl at a bar when they shouldn't be. It's those little things that you see."

Program facilitators also spoke with the students about how men can be sexually assaulted as well.

The training was intimate with small groups of about five students and was facilitated by other Georgia College students.

Hunter Patrick, a facilitator, said sexual assault hurts trust in relationships.

"It breaks my heart whenever I feel like love is getting tarnished, that people get so devoted to someone to break them down and I don't want that," Patrick said.

Williams said the facts he learned about sexual assault at orientation were eye opening and that's why he decided to get involved in the training program.

Funds from the Georgia Department of Public Health paid for the program, which holds different training sessions throughout the school year.

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