Georgia College professor breaks down revised travel order

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. -- President Donald Trump signed a new travel ban order on Monday after his first was struck down in a federal appeals court.

Georgia College political science professor Hank Edmondson described Trump's January ban on immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries as chaos.

"It just happened too fast, too traumatically," Edmondson said.

He said the revised one will be different since it doesn't take effect until March 16.

"So there's more warning now," Edmondson said.

Other changes have been made as well.

"There are some significant differences," he said. "One is Iraq is no longer one of the countries. The President was persuaded to eliminate Iraq from the list of banned countries."

The new ban also gives an explanation of concerns about each of the countries still included and does not grant exemptions to religious minorities.

"The way that worked out of course is that the minorities would be the non-Muslims in the country so it at least removes the appearance that this is a religious discriminatory ban," Edmondson said.

Edmondson questioned how necessary the ban is because the countries on the ban have internal turmoil. He believes they are minimally connected to the U.S.

"If there's anything we ought to be worried about in this country it's what we're now calling homegrown terrorism," Edmondson said.

Georgia College students have differing views on the ban.

"Terrorism can come from anyone," said student Linda Watson. "It can be people in your own country so there's no reason to believe that just because they're foreigners they're going to be terrorists."

"What people don't realize is this travel ban is a massive vetting process to keep people that do want to harm and want to cause domestic terrorism and that's all going to change once the vetting process is over," said student Duncan Brandenburgh.

Those who already have visas and green cards will still be allowed into the country.

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