Georgia College professor says strike on Syria 'makes a statement'

Dr. Gennady Rudkevich/WGXA/Shannon Lilly

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga.- During an interview with WGXA News on Monday, Georgia College political science professor Dr. Gennady Rudkevich said he believes Thursday's U.S. missile strike on Syria was more about making a statement than making a change.

"It's not that this specific attack is going to lead to a war or is going to lead to a change in how we're seen in Syria. It's that there will be a temptation to get more involved. In fact this is one of the reasons why President Obama did not bomb Syria earlier on, because he wanted to limit American involvement in Syria", Rudkevich said.

Dr. Rudkevich said in order to stop Syria's civil war the U.S. would need to send tens of thousands of troops. However, the attack did put a strain on U.S. relations with Russia.

"They did promise very vague retaliations although they didn't say what those relations would be," he said. "We're certainly not improving our relations with Russia at this point."

He said he feels the Trump administration needs a clear policy on Syria to be effective.

Some students said strikes on Syria make them nervous about starting another war.

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