'God still has some people': Local church, business help elderly couple with Irma cleanup

Wilkins home cleanup / Jennifer Munoz (WGXA)

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. -- An elderly Warner Robins couple received cleanup help from local organizations after Monday's storm.

A large oak tree crashed into David and Edith Wilkins' home as Tropical Storm Irma passed through the area.

"Oh my goodness we lost our tree, we lost our tree," said David. "It was just zap! I thought the others but not that one would fall. It rattled the things for a few seconds."

They worried about how they'd clean up the damage until a group of volunteers came ready to help.

"Overwhelmed I cannot believe it, it's just so unbelievable," Edith said.

"It just makes me know that God still has some people," David said.

Crossroads United Methodist Church and We Care Heating and Air got word that the Wilkins needed help. They brought their chainsaws and were ready to work.

"It takes a lot of heart," said Matt Collins with We Care Heating and Air. "That's another thing. You can't just ride by somebody's house just sitting there and just keep riding, you got to stop."

Within a couple of hours they cut the tree into smaller pieces. They've been out since Monday after the storm lending a hand.

"I could look at the crowd and say 'I wonder how many angels is in there,'" David said.

The Wilkins are thankful and don't know how they could ever repay these volunteers' good work.

"It's very gratifying for everyone that is here working but even if the owners weren't home this is still part of the community," said Jason Dillard with Crossroads.

We Care Heating and Air plans to help their community all week.

They said their phone lines and Facebook page have been filled with requests for relief.

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