'He's been very busy': Trump's first 100 days


MILLEDGEVILLE , Ga. -- President Donald Trump is approaching his first 100 days in office with a record low approval rating according to one political science professor.

He's spent 99 days in office.

"They have been the fast and the furious for the Trump administration," said professor Brooke Miller.

Since day one Miller said Trump's presidency has been unlike any other.

"President Trump's experience has been very different," Miller said. "His election was very divisive. It divided the nation. So as a result, he's been under the spotlight since then."

Miller said Trump filed more executive orders within his first 100 days of office than any other president in our nation's history.

"He's been very busy," Miller said.

But not everyone is happy with that.

"He's very clearly, at least to me, shown evidence of not knowing what he's doing," said Georgia College student Alexander Pijanowski. "I feel like he's just not exactly aware of what being a president meant."

Pijanowski isn't the only one who holds this opinion.

According to Miller, Trump's approval ratings are lower than previous presidents'.

"If you look at the honeymoon period of past presidents, their approval ratings have easily been into the 60s and President Trump's are hovering around 40 percent or even lower," Miller said. "He actually holds the record for the lowest within his first 100 days."

Miller said this may have to do with his leadership style and a lack of experience when it comes to politics.

"If you look at trump as a former CEO, as a leader in the business industry, he's much more in a position where he can tell people 'Here's my deal. Take it or leave it'" Miller said. "But in government, it doesn't operate that way."

According to Georgia College student Sean Fahey, Trump's lack of political experience was one of the very things that got him elected.

"He has done as much a he can for someone who isn't familiar with the ins and outs of government," Fahey said. "The individuals who elected him elected him because he was a political outsider."

Miller said another factor that may be contributing to Trump's law approval ratings could be his tendency to make bold statements, especially on Twitter, that he can't necessarily follow up on.

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