Hot weather helps corn crop

The hot weather has helped this year's corn crop / Brittany Collins (WGXA)

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ga. -- According to the Georgia Farm Bureau, the amount of corn produced per acre has increased more than 360 percent since 1950.

Farmers say the hot weather and rain helped their crops for a good season, including Twiggs County corn farmer Mark Herrington.

"We could've used a few more hot days," Herrington said. "Hot days and sunshine days. We didn't have to use the pivot as much. All that saves us money."

At the end of April, the corn got too much rain.

"We had to replant some corn because we got drowned out, but after that, the rain is very good because it helps set the crop," Herrington said.

So far, Herrington said they're at around 220 bushels this year, which is 20 bushels off from three years ago.

"We get paid by the bushel. And a bushel is 56 pounds," Herrington said.

Herrington said they will be done picking the corn very soon.

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