'I feel like she's calling out to me': Mother of missing Macon woman speaks out

Tiesha Barlow was reported missing in March but her mother hasn't seen or heard from her since October / Bibb County Sheriff's Office.

MACON, Ga. -- The mother of a missing Macon woman hasn't seen or heard from her daughter since October.

Tiesha Barlow, 39, was only recently reported missing last month, however, because according to her mother Mary Barlow, she often left home for weeks on end.

Mary Barlow said this time is different because Tiesha always checks in.

"I have a real real sick feeling that I can't barely eat, I just worry, worry, worry," Barlow said.

Her mother also knew something was off in January when Tiesha's aunt died and she didn't show up for the funeral.

"I see all my sisters and all my brothers with their kids so I got a son too, but I'm looking for my daughter," Barlow said. 'Where is Tiesha? This is her favorite auntie no matter what she would always call aunt Esi."

Mary Barlow said her daughter often hung out downtown at Loaves and Fishes and Daybreak.

However, Barlow said no one there has heard from Tiesha recently either.

Mary said just wants closure and to know her daughter is safe. She's worried because she said Tiesha is vulnerable and doesn't want anyone to take advantage of that.

"She has never been out of Bibb County so it's like you are taking her, throwing her in a river because she don't know how to, she don't have any money, she don't have no ID on her so I'm just really, really worried about her," Barlow said.

Their neighbor Lisa Salley has been by Mary Barlow's side since the disappearance and said this is not like Tiesha.

"I've known her for along time and I really miss her and I wish she'd come home," Salley said.

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office said Tiesha is still considered a missing person and they investigation is ongoing. She is on a national database for missing persons so if anyone spots her, authorities can get her back to Macon.

Mary Barlow hopes deputies will find her daughter.

"I just know that I feel danger," Barlow said. "I feel fear, you know? I feel fear. I feel like she is calling out to me and I'm saying, 'Where are you? I don't know where you are.'"

Those with any information on Tiesha's disappearance should call the Bibb County Sheriff's Office or Macon Regional Crimestoppers at 1-877-67CRIME.

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