Irma knocks over service box, trees in Monroe County

Monroe County service box damaged / Evan Watson (WGXA)

FORSYTH, GA. -- The Monroe County EMA answered more than 500 calls on Monday for fallen trees, power lines and other damage.

Their phones were quieter on Tuesday, but cleanup could take a while.

The major damage includes what is left of a metal service box near the Monroe County Hospital. It provided phone connections for the hospital and other medical buildings.

Still, the people of Monroe County feel lucky.

"We're truly blessed because we didn't get hit like they did in Florida and Georgia so we're blessed," said resident Linda Moore.

One tree fell between two homes in Forsyth. Neighbors said if it fell in any different direction, someone could have died.

Nine-year-old Hayden Scoggins said he was listening to the storm with his family on Boxankle Rd.

"It was scary because I could hear the trees kind of cracking and stuff falling and it was really loud," he said. "I was hoping a tree wouldn't fall on my house or near me because I was laying in my bed and my bed is close to a window so that's all I was thinking about."

Power lines are down at both ends of that road and crews spend all day trying to clear off trees in any area without power.

"This is the worst," Moore said. "Yeah we've had them before but never trees down like that. Just lights out, that's it."

During the worst of it, Moore kept praying for safety.

"I just kept saying, 'God we get ya! We hear! We got ya!'" she said.

In Monroe County there was a peak wind gust of 43 mph during the tropical storm.

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