Kingston Garden residents aimed at improving community, deterring crime

Residents of Kingston Gardens held a neighborhood watch meeting on Thursday / Brittany Collins (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- The Kingston Gardens apartment complex held a District 3 neighborhood watch meeting on Thursday to discuss issues with the Bibb County Sheriff's Office.

Tamira Luke has lived in Kingston Gardens for about five years and she's happy the apartment complex has improved. She used to see outsiders hanging out.

"I have three sons and it's very important for them to be safe," Luke said. "There have been shootings."

She also wants neighbors to meet her sons because they play outside a lot.

Angela Walker said it's important for neighbors to know who the parents are.

"Some parents are at work and the kids are left outside until the parent comes home," Walker said. "Sometimes I welcome the kids to my apartment so they can be safe."

The neighborhood watch captain Joyce Gary said she wants people to know it's okay to call 911 if they notice any suspicious activity.

"We're trying to prevent drug dealing," Gary said. "That's our main goal. If we see someone in the neighborhood that's suspicious of doing this, we alert one another."

"Not all residents are comfortable with reporting," said property manager Deon Hooks. "That's why we're continuing the efforts of the neighborhood watch association and management being involved as well, to make sure residents do feel comfortable enough."

A Bibb County deputy spoke with neighbors and he said during his time working, he's only been called out to Kingston Gardens apartments once.

Neighbors can agree that overall, the area is quiet.

"It's pretty normal," Walker said. "It's quiet. We do have police officers to ride around the premises to make sure everything is okay."

Hooks said it's important for neighbors to stay alert of their surroundings.

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