Macon Methodist Home opens doors for foster children evacuated from Florida

Many evacuees are sleeping on air mattresses and the floor at the Macon Methodist Home / Claudia Coco (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- The Methodist Home in Macon has taken in about 130 people who evacuated from the path of Hurricane Irma.

Alison Evans, president of the Macon Methodist Home, said that the roughly 100 children and 30 adults who are currently being sheltered at the home came from the Methodist Home in Enterprise, Florida.

The Methodist Home is a group home for foster children who have not yet been permanently placed with a family.

Evans said that as of Friday morning, the evacuees are sleeping in a conference room, with many sleeping on the floor. She said the home is in need of donated air mattresses, blankets, sheets, pillows and personal and feminine hygiene products.

Maritza Velez, a staff parent from the evacuated Methodist Home who brought her own daughter and her dog, said that she is grateful that the Methodist Home in Macon opened its doors for them and that everyone there has been welcoming.

She said her daughter is having fun with the children who were already living in the home, although they are worried about what is happening back in Florida. However, she said that they are focusing on getting through the next few days and that they will focus on the damage when the get home.

Velez said that she has watched donations file in from the Macon community and that it is a great feeling to know that people care.

Dihann Suchan, vice president of residential services for the Methodist Home in Florida, said it was amazing that the local Methodist Home was able to accommodate them in such short notice. She said her facility had been communicating with the Macon shelter since Irma initially showed up on the radar.

She said the kids are grateful they had somewhere to come. She said they are nervous about what is going on back home but that they are still having a good time with the kids in Macon.

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