Mercer Student paving the way for fitness technology

Micah Givens is a currently in the Mercer Innovation Fellowship program . Jennifer Munoz (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- When Micah Givens was a sophomore at Mercer University he sometimes found it frustrating working out with headphones.

"I was on a run with a friend, I wanted to talk to them but I couldn't really communicate with them when I had headphones and that's one of my biggest drives when I run is being able to listen to my music," said Givens.

Givens took a leap and started designing with another classmate a solution, it's a new device called HeadNoise.

"We developed a headband that allows you to listen to music completely ears free," Givens said.

It also keeps track of your bio-metrics like your heart-rate and step count.

You can view all the information gathered with the headband device on their mobile app.

How does it work.

"Sound is nothing but vibrations, so what it does is it vibrates your skull so you can hear directly and it works the same way as you know when you are eating chips and it's really loud inside your head but other people can't really hear it works the same way but with music," Givens said.

You can slide the device delivering the vibrations in and out of the band in order to charge it or wash the band.

Given's is currently paving the way for other entrepreneurs at the Mercer Innovations Center as one of the the first two fellows in the program.

The Mercer innovation fellowship helps local entrepreneurs launch their own business by providing funds, coaching and a space to develop a product.

J.R. McNair, one of the mentors that helps innovators, said it's great to see young entrepreneurs like Givens.

"I'm telling you when you come into a college you come up to the brightest young people that are in the world and when you give them an opportunity, when you give them an ecosystem it's only going to let them thrive and go forward," said McNair.

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