Middle Georgia firefighters head south to fight West Mims wildfires

A wildfire is burning more than 25,000 acres at the Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge and as of Thursday is only about 3 percent contained / Nick Tresco

FOLKSTON, Ga. -- Georgia Forestry Commission rangers from Middle Georgia are helping to battle a massive wildfire in the Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge.

Chief Ranger of the Houston and Peach County areas Nick Tresco said they have 60 wildland firefighters from Middle Georgia down there now.

The fire is burning more than 25,000 acres and as of Thursday is only about 3 percent contained.

Tresco said the fire is mainly burning inside the swamp, away from civilization. But he said that if the rangers don't leave home to fight it now the consequences can be severe.

"You hate to leave your family at the house and a lot of times your wife and her duties get doubled up and with the kids and you miss a lot of ball games and father-daughter dates and all that, but when you come down you know you're needed," he said.

Tresco said they are expecting this fire to grow to consume hundreds of thousands of acres.

But he said they are working to keep that fire damage contained within the swamp and away from homes and cities.

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