Middle Georgians search for ways to relieve stress

A little stress is normal and healthy according to Tim Fisher with Coliseum health. Jennifer Munoz / (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- April is Stress Awareness month. In Middle Georgia are people work towards balancing stress in their life everyday.

Middle school student Anne Marie Wright said in moments when school gets stressful she likes to catch a breath and disconnect.

"We rather be outside drawing and doing something fun then sitting inside playing video games all day and wasting our day," said Wright.

Art is just one way she keeps her mind off stress. She also likes to stay active by playing sports.

"I'm a lot more focused in what I'm doing and if you are focused on something it's really to be stressed out about tons of things running through your mind," Wright said.

16-year-old India Wilcox can relate to school stress. Her go-to stress reliever is always music.

"When I'm listening to music some different types of music it explains how I'm feeling, especially like R&B," said Wilcox.

If music doesn't help Wilcox will also talk to her family about what is stressing her out.

Sunday afternoon Wilcox and her father Kenneth Wilcox took a trip to Tattnall Square Park to unwind.

"We have long talks, that helps too being with family explain things to my daughter," said Kenneth Wilcox.

John Frye would consider himself a stress free kind of guy.

" If I were stressed all the time I don't know how I would operate. The time I unwind myself and everything that's really what helps me get through the days," said Frye.

Frye keeps the stress away by working out and getting out of the house.

" When I'm feeling stressed I'm down that one thing is caught in my mind and I just can't get out. Whenever I'm out on a run or the gym playing Frisbee it's just kind of care free all I'm thinking about is what I'm doing at the time it's just fun it really relaxes," Frye said.

Clinical Social Worker with Coliseum Health, Tim Fisher, recommends people who are stressed out to manage time wisely and plan ahead in order to avoid the heavy stress.

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