Milledgeville looks for smartest dog in town

Farley and Rusty wait to compete in the smartest dog competition. Danielle Apolinar/WGXA

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga.-- Several dogs were put to the test on Saturday afternoon to see who would move on to become the "smartest dog in town." Dogs participated in events that tested their tracking, attention and even math abilities at the Oconee River Greenway.

Dog owners Elizabeth Wells and Linda Hodges were enjoying a picnic when they saw the competition. The two friends decided to enter their dogs, Farley and Rusty, in the competition.

Wells said she was confident in Farley.

"Well just look at him, look at those intelligent eyes. He'll do quite well, he'll do quite well I'm sure. All the other dogs can go home," Wells said about Farley.

Hodges said she did not think Rusty would perform too well, because while he is cute he is not the smartest.

This was the final qualifying round in the competition. Georgia College and State University is organizing the event and said the final test to name the alpha will be on Friday, April 28.

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