Proposed FCC rule could protect you against robocalls

The FCC could pass a new law allowing phone companies to block robocalls / Jennifer Munoz (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- Last month the FCC approved a new rule that would allow phone companies to target spam robocalls.

According to the FCC, more than 2. 4 billion robocalls are made each month. If the new rule is passed, phone companies could block any phone number that appears illegitimate or is unassigned.

Kelvin Collins with the Better Business Bureau of Central Georgia said to avoid any scam calls, don't answer a call from a number you don't recognize.

He said if it's a legitimate caller, they will leave a voicemail with a callback number in most cases.

If you do answer a scam call, hang up. It's not uncommon for the phone numbers to have the same area code as you.

The calls will often be automated messages about free trips or credit score checks Collins said. Never give any personal or financial information to unknown callers because it can lead to theft.

If you get the calls frequently, you can report them to the BBB Scam Tracker here. You can also sign up for the FTC's Do Not Call Registry, but it only protects you from legal telemarketers.

Another solution Collins offered is to block the number from your phone. There are different smartphone apps that can also tell you if an incoming call is illegitimate.

The robocall rule is in the public review period and should have a final vote in a few months.

Collins said it's important to trust your instincts when you get a call. If you ever feel like something is off, hang up.

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