New Fire Station in Gresston helps community

New Fire Station in Gresston helps community. // WGXA Claudia Coco

GRESSTON, Ga -- The Gresston Volunteer Fire Department moved into their new building on Wilson Woodard Road Saturday.

Buddy Pittman was a founding member of Gresston's Volunteer Fire Department in 1985. They only started out with a one thousand gallon tanker truck.

"We always said, we probably might not save a home or anything, because we started off with an old truck, but if we save one person's life out of the years that we spent on it, it would be worth the time that we spent," said Pittman.

Thirty-two years later and from a vision that started five years ago, the Gresston Volunteer Fire Department has a new building to hold their up-to-date tanker truck and ambulance.

The volunteer fire department is valued in the community because it not only provides quicker response time, but it helps their wallets. Chief Bob Braswell said its a privilege to help the community.

"It lowers their insurance rate on a typical house about 200 dollars per year," said Chief Braswell.

Community member, Joan Tripp, said she's happy to have a fire department so close by for a couple of reasons. One reason is because it helps with her insurance.

"It helps with a discount because you have a fire response so quickly, and they have such good equipment, they have tanker trucks," said Tripp.

The main reason she's happy is because when you call for help its a neighbor coming to help you. Tripp said this volunteer fire department more than deserves that new building.

"Now they have such a good facility, they have all the equipment they need, and I think it will mean that we will grow into more services," Tripp said.

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