New Poll shows Republicans, North Easterners and Men are better Tippers

Rachel Blanchett has been a waitress for 10 years now. Jennifer Munoz (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- A new poll by Creditcards. com showed that men, Republicans, and Northeasterners are more likely to drop the big bucks on a tip after a meal.

When dining out Ashley Williams said the tip she leaves at the table will depend on the service.

"I tip about 10 to 15%, I know that's on the low end of things but if the service is extraordinary I will bump it to 20," said Williams.

In the poll women were among the worse tippers. Williams was not surprised.

"Women are probably harder judges on services, so I would see how women wouldn't tip as much as males do," Williams said.

On average women are tipping 16% according to the poll. Also included in the list of bad tippers are democrats, people paying with cash, and southerners.

Rachel Blanchett is a waitress at Barefoot Tavern, she thinks some people don't tip well because they don't know there is a tipped wage.

"A lot of people don't know that the federal minimum wage for a tipped employee is 2.13 an hour," said Blanchett.

That is why Blanchett said leaving the right tip is important.

"It's paramount, that's how we get paid, typically are checks are zero, the 2.13 an hour doesn't even cover our taxes," Blanchett said.

Blanchett said a restaurant industry standard tip in the U.S. is 20% of the bill. It's not a good day for her when people don't leave a good tip.

"Because we do put everything into it you know, so to not have it reciprocated it's not a good feeling," Blanchett said.

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