Parents, students get antsy as Jones County schools remain closed until Monday

Jones County Schools closed until Monday / Evan Watson (WGXA)

GRAY, Ga. -- The Jones County School System currently has multiple schools still without power after Irma.

Students and faculty have been out of school since Friday.

"I'm glad that it's out," said mother Shana Wood. "No power. I know my kids are as well."

They can't remember when school has been cancelled an entire week for weather.

"I think it's just kind of a freak of nature thing," Wood said.

With power still out at some homes as well, people are finding a new way to power the essentials.

"The TV so the kids can play PlayStation and watch TV so they don't drive us insane," joked Wood.

At Jones County High School, the football team practiced, giving a lot of the guys something to do.

"If we're out of school usually it's a break or nothing," said freshman Daniel Scott. "We've never experienced anything like this."

Junior Cameron Rockmore said the break might be bittersweet.

"I actually waned to go because I've got a lot of grades I've got to keep up," Rockmore said. "I know I'll have a lot of school work when I get back."

While some enjoyed the break, Jennifer McCay said her children are getting antsy.

"They're getting bored though," she said. "They're ready to get back to school."

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