Middle Georgians go against national trend to spend more this Easter

According the National Retail Federation 88% of people's purchases this Easter will be candy. Jennifer Munoz / (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- According to the National Retail Federation Americans are projected to spend 18.4 billion dollars this Easter. People in Macon said they are looking for ways to save and spend less.

Laderrick Lanier has two daughters and all the clothing, baskets and candy he bought added up.

"Too much money, we spend around $200. Hair dos, Easter dresses, Easter baskets its too much," said Lanier.

Unlike Lanier, Cindy Hatcher kept her spending to a minimum.

"We keep a limit. We just focus on what's more important just go enjoy an Easter egg hunt at our church," said Hatcher.

Hatcher said there is more to Easter than spending.

"We are going to Christ Chapel tomorrow for our Easter service and the children are going to be singing a special Easter service," Hatcher said.

Last Easter Anthony Cunningham spend around $200, this year he found a new way to keep his kids happy without breaking the bank.

"This year we are going to cut back on the material, use more household goods and be creative," said Anthony Cunningham.

This Easter Cunningham's three kids will be decorating their own baskets.

"Better than what you can buy in the store, call it your own and have fun with it, that way there is no price on it, that's what we really want to do this year," Cunningham said.

Cunningham's son, Anthony Cunningham III is excited he can still satisfy his sweet tooth.

"The thing that I like is just getting all candy, that's all I am," said Anthony Cunningham II.

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