Porter Elementary School unveils renovations on first day of school

Porter Elementary receives new state-of-the-art technology for 2016-2017 school year/ Emily Swecker (WGXA)

Porter Elementary School debuted its recent upgrades today during the first day back.

Many parents who send their children to school at Porter also attended the school when they were kids, but it's not the same as it was back then anymore.

The $450,000 renovation project, which aimed to increase safety and give the school a new face lift, began back in May.

Porter Elementary School's new Principal, Cami Hamlin, said it's a very exciting time for not only her, but for students and parents as well.

"We knocked out walls, we changed our office location, we repainted everything to give it a really great face lift. We have bright new furniture, carpeting in all the classrooms, and new technology. State of the art technology.", said Hamlin.

Hamlin said by December, Bibb County will have the most advanced technology of any county in the state.

"We have interactive panels which you can see behind me actually in every classroom and it's awesome. I think of it as a smart phone only huge that you get to do in your classroom. So you have instant access to internet, kids in the lower grades have balance boxes raised up and down for the kids.", said Hamlin.

This is Hamlin's first year as Principal of Porter Elementary School.

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