Porter Elementary student takes can drive to the next level

Kyleigh Edge and her grandmother raised over 200 cans for needy families this Christmas season / Perry Smith (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- One little girl took a class project much further than she was asked.

Porter Elementary School students were asked to bring in one canned good to donate to families in need this Christmas.

Bur for Kyleigh Edge, one wasn't enough. Once her grandma found the assignment in her book bag, Kyleigh suggested taking it beyond once.

"And there was a note in there saying she needed to bring one can of goods to school but when I told her that she said, 'Grandmama, we gotta get one hundred cans,'. And her drive was to get 100 cans for families that wouldn't have any food for Christmas," said Radonna Edge.

"Me and my grandma, we went - every time we were about to go to school we got some cans everyday," said Kyleigh.

Those door to door visits paid off. Kyleigh and her grandmother collected over 200 cans.

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