Practicing gun safety

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MACON, Ga -- "Most people are purchasing guns today for personal protection," said Hamp Dowling, the owner of Eagle Gun Range in Macon. He said it isn't enough to just go out and buy a gun, "If you purchase a firearm come get some training, we do all kinds of classes here."

According to Dowling, the best way to practice gun safety is to practice with a personal firearm.

"That if you don't know what you can and can't do with your own weapon its practically useless," Dowling said.

Allen Price is a gun owner, and he takes firearm safety and education very seriously. He made his children when they were young, take safety classes, so that they knew these weren't toys, "Because my home is a home with firearms in em' I didn't want them to be curious about what they could do or not do."

Price said that storing them safely is a major part of having a gun.

"I keep them locked in, I keep the ammunition separate its in another safe," said Price.

He also said that he is confident about every gun that he owns, "I practice, I've taken classes."

He said he owns a gun just in case.

"It's just a comfort factor that if someone invades my home and I'm not aware of it, or its unexpected I have some preparedness," Price said.

Price said he hopes he never has to use it to protect himself or his family.

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