Storm damages homes in Houston County

Jerri Basurge's home in Warner Robins was damaged when a tree fell on in during Monday's storm / Claudia Coco (WGXA)

HOUSTON COUNTY, Ga. -- Tropical storm force winds barreled through Houston County on Monday, taking down trees and damaging homes in the area.

One of those homes that was damaged belongs to Jerri Basurge, who lives on Fox Glen Road in Warner Robins.

Basurge said they had evacuees from Tampa staying with them to avoid the storm and was in the kitchen when they heard something creaking. They then heard a loud noise, walked outside and saw a big tree on the home.

Basurge said she was lucky because the big tree's fall was broken by several other trees, so it only caused a leak in her bathroom and her television satellite to be taken off.

Overall, she said she has been lucky because the damage wasn't bad enough to force them out of their home. Additionally, she said an insurance adjuster came out Tuesday morning, a tree removal service came out in the early afternoon and a worker from the television company is scheduled to come out in the next few days, so her recovery is expected to be quick.

However, another Houston County resident doesn't have it so lucky.

Marlon Daniels said that he was lying in bed Monday at his home in Perry when he heard a thump. He said he walked outside expecting to see a limb on his roof but instead, he saw an entire tree.

He said he and his family had to pick up and go to a motel and that depending on how long it takes to get the major roof damage repaired, they could be out of their home for about two weeks.

Despite that, Daniels said that they aren't worried about it and are leaving it in God's hands.

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