Taylor Co. citizens take school board to court in attempt to reinstate superintendent

Dr. Gary Gibson was terminated as superintendent of Taylor County Schools in 2016 / Emily Swecker (WGXA)

BUTLER, Ga. -- Concerned citizens in Taylor County are taking members of the school board to court in an attempt to reinstate ousted superintendent Dr. Gary Gibson.

Although only one of the concerned citizens and none of the board members showed up for court Friday in Butler, the judge pressed on, hearing arguments from both sides.

The citizens' attorney Mitchell Graham argued that Gibson was terminated with three months left on his contract and that he should be reinstated to complete that remaining time. Graham also argued that Gibson was not given any notice of his termination.

On the other hand, the school board's attorney, Brian Smith, who was sitting alongside new superintendent Jennifer Albritton, said that Gibson's contract ended in December and therefore the idea of reinstating him is a moot point.

Both sides did agree, however, that board member Rufus Greene was not eligible to vote in the 3-2 decision that resulted in Gibson's termination. Despite that, the defense argued that since the term of Gibson's contract has now ended, there is no reason why he should be reinstated.

Following the hearing, Gibson said that he didn't understand why he had been terminated and speculated that it may have been because some board members weren't happy with some decisions that he had been making.

Brenda Gates, the plaintiff, declined to comment on the proceedings but Graham said that he hopes that this case will shed some light on the board's reason for terminating Gibson.

The judge scheduled a new date of April 28.

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