Taylor County properties damaged by Irma

Taylor County damage / Eric Mock (WGXA)

TAYLOR COUNTY, Ga. -- Crews in Taylor County were recently dispatched to begin cleanup efforts in Irma's wake.

The damage left one family stranded and kept another woman out of her home.

Janice Robins was riding out Irma when her family heard a loud noise.

"We were doing family time, playing games when we heard something go 'irk!' like that and we were like what happened?" said Robins.

They looked outside and saw an Oak tree in their driveway, making it impossible to get their cars out.

"So we're stuck for real at home," she said.

They live on a dirt road miles away from the nearest town. The tree also knocked out their power.

Robins said they were told that it could be hours before any crews make it to their home.

"They sent their people out but the weather was so bad they had to bring them back in and they won't be coming back out till 9 p.m., so they don't know when we'll be getting service," she said.

A few miles away, 87-year-old Elba Wainwright can't get into the home she's lived in for more than 50 years.

"I'm afraid of bad weather," Wainwright said.

Damage made it unsafe to return until daylight.

"I'm just glad I wasn't there because I probably would've had a heart attack or something," she said.

She isn't worried, though, and the reason why is a good lesson to anyone who finds themselves in the middle of a disaster.

"We were prepared," Wainwright said. "We have non-perishable items. We got ourselves a lot of water, so we're good with that. We actually have enough for a couple days so we're good."

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