Thieves break into Bolingbroke gun store, steal weapons

Two suspects broke into Ventures Guns and Stuff early Tuesday morning / Ventures Guns and Stuff

BOLINGBROKE, Ga. -- Two suspects burglarized a local gun store in Bolingbroke early Tuesday morning.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, two people threw a large piece of asphalt through the front window of Venture's Guns and Stuff located on Rivoli Road.

They stole handguns and tactical style rifles from the business. The store's owner, Laura Giles, claims they knew where the guns where in the store and knew which ones they wanted to take.

"They didn't touch ammunition," Giles said. "They did't touch the middle case that was filled with guns, they didn't touch any of that. They came straight in for the tactical style rifles and glocks, specifically the larger calibers."

The two suspects were seen wearing hoodies, gloves and their faces were covered.

They fled north from the scene in what appeared to be a dark colored sedan toward the intersection with Pea Ridge Road.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office contacted the Warner Robins Police Department and is looking into similarities this burglary has with recent ones in their jurisdiction.

Oakridge Custom Finishing, another gun store, in Warner Robins was broken into on October 3. No arrests have been made yet in that case.

Those with information regarding this burglary or the suspects should contact Macon Regional Crime Stoppers at 478-742-2330 or the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division at 478-994-7043.

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