Top five ways to prepare students for a successful school year

Principal Julia Daniely said the most important way to prepare for the school year is knowing the importance of school attendance. Danielle Apolinar/WGXA News

MACON, Ga.-- It is the start of the new school year and it can be tough for students to get back into the swing of things.

"These kids need to prepare mind, body and soul!" exclaimed Westside High School principal Julia Daniely.

Daniely said she knows it can be hard for her students to get back on track after summer vacation. She and Lindsey Allen, Executive Officer of Secondary Schools for the Bibb County School District, provided WGXA with the top five ways to prepare for school year.

1. Envision a successful school year.

"Visualize yourself being prepared in your mind," Daniely said.

She said a positive attitude can help translate into real life and help form good habits.

2. Be aware of expectations.

"For example, knowing the expectations, policies, procedures, the dress code, what we expect students to wear to school, and what time to arrive at school," Daniely said.

She said knowing expectations can take away distractions and students can focus more on learning.

3. Make new habits.

"Go ahead and start that habit of getting students in the bedroom, and in bed early, so they are ready and refreshed. Research shows us clearly if students don't have enough sleep they won't be as cognitively engaged in the classroom," Allen said.

4. Practice what was already learned.

"If you're a high school student, look at those integers, how to add subtract, multiply and divide, looking at your integers all those sort of things. Those are basic functions you can do on your own and that will help you when you hit those skills that will be new to you," Allen said.

He also said it is never too early or late to practice schoolwork and will help student progress.

Both Daniely and Allen agree on the most important way to prepare for a successful school year.

5. Know the importance of being in the classroom.

"When we keep education at the forefront and keep it important in our community and in our homes. Then we will begin to understand and make sure our children are in school every day," Daniely said.

Assistant Superintendent Jamie Cassady said this year the Truancy Task Force will work hard this year to monitor unexcused absences in Bibb County Schools.

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