Traffic concerns hot topic at District 3 town hall meeting

District 3 residents expressed their concern about dangerous traffic in the area at a town hall meeting on Thursday / Brittany Collins (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- Bibb County District 3 commissioner Elaine Lucas hosted a town hall meeting on Thursday night.

She wants people to get involved with county officials and law enforcement and also asked what changes her constituents want.

Carrie Barber has lived in District 3 for a long time but she wants to see more businesses and activities come to the area.

"All sides of towns should be equal," Barber said. "So we don't have to go to all sides of towns, it should be equal."

She lives in east Macon and said the traffic is very fast and could be dangerous.

"See how we can put some more lights or some cross walks or something to break that road up because it's so long," Barber said. "Because also as you began to grow, you have people who walk or ride their bikes. Foot traffic."

Gina West lives in south Macon and said they roads could be paved.

"People hit a dirt road and they think 'go fast,'" West said. "So they go fast. Our roads stay torn up. My car is, the screws are just bouncing out of it."

Lucas said the Georgia Department of Transportation wants to build a roundabout on Highway 247 where Houston Ave, Broadway and 247 merge.

"There have been lots of terrible accidents and no provisions for pedestrians," Lucas said. "There's a crossing in that area."

For many residents like Jay Bartlett, they'd like to see the area safer and roundabouts may be the answer.

First I didn't like them," Bartlett said. "I thought they were a waste but they save lives and make people slow down. That's what we need on 247."

People said they're happy more parks were built for children like the Rosa Parks Center.

The fire department and Bibb County Sheriff's Office also came to the meeting to let neighbors know to call them if needed. Overall, deputies said there's not much crime in the district, which covers parts of east and south Macon.

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