Upson County to vote on Sunday alcohol sales

On Tuesday a decision will be made on whether or not alcohol can be sold on Sunday.

THOMASTON, Ga.-- On Tuesday citizens in Upson County will vote on whether or not retailers can sell packaged alcohol on Sundays. Bill Singh, owner of Mr. B's convenient store, said he voted early in the hopes of being able to sell alcohol everyday of the the week.

"If we can collect the money from these extra sales on Sunday why can't we do it? And as far as people thinking they're not supposed to drink on Sunday, I dont think there's a possible way to stop people from drinking, if they're going to drink they'll go elsewhere to go get it," said Singh.

He said it would be better for citizens to buy and keep revenue within the county.

Other people want the alcohol law to remain the way it is, which currently prohibits retailers from selling packaged alcohol on Sunday. Freida Litchfield said she thinks the current law keeps more drunk drivers off the road.

"I see the pros and the cons. People are going to get it where they need to get it but I don't like the idea of it," said Litchfield.

Other citizens, like Cheryl Delouch, said Sunday should not be for drinking alcohol anyway.

"Sunday is a religious day for me," she said and hopes people will vote against selling alcohol on Sunday.

Every Sunday Singh locks the alcohol coolers to remind customers, no alcohol will be sold. Another convenient store, which did not want to be named, used rope to tie the coolers shut.

Citizen Sherry Green said she is going to vote in opposition of the current law.

"It will create more money for the community as far as taxes, because they tax everything, so I mean if you drink responsible I think it will be fine," said Green.

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