Victims of gun violence speak out during recovery ceremony

Victims of gun violence send a powerful message to the community. / Jennifer Munoz (WGXA)

PINEVIEW, Ga. -- Victims of gun violence speak out about stopping the bloodshed during a recovery ceremony for gun violence victim Breon Porter.

One year ago Breon Porter was shot twice at a park in Pineview. Sunday afternoon he continued this road to recovery with a celebration ceremony for his progress and to advocate to stop the gun violence.

Porter's family and friends attended the ceremony and honored him for his resilience.

"He's a fighter and you know the way the type of person Bre is, he's going to keep on fighting until the end and I hope at the end that he gets up walking." said Porter's mother Deloris Porter.

Porter's parents say even when they are down they have to continue and speak up about the gun violence.

Not every family was as lucky as the Porter Family to still have their loved one in their life.

Lenedra Armstrong's son Jasperine Armstrong was found dead in Cordele in 2014, a day after he was shot.

"I went to the hospital, it was him, they had already taken his body to the crime lab so I didn't get to identity his body," said Armstrong

Sunday afternoon was the first time she opened up about her son's death.

"It's just the hardest pill I've ever had to swallow and God challenged me with this pain and I walked with it for two years," Armstrong said.

All the families at the ceremony affected by gun violence had one clear message for the community.

"We got to start standing up we got so many kids right here and if we don't stick together as a family and as parents we're losing them," Armstrong said.

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