Warner Robins Development Authority focuses on collaboration

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. -- The Warner Robins Development Authority approved two agreements on Thursday that will give them a say in future development.

They approved an IGA, or Inter-government Agreement. It sets a framework for how the authority works with others like Houston of Peach counties' authority.

An IGA helps collaboration to complete projects.

The second was a vote to join the I-75 Corridor Council which oversees a promising development stretch from exit 138 through White Road in Byron.

Chairman Sonya Jenkins said their involvement gives voters a say.

"They'll have a voice on the kinds of developments, the kinds of opportunities - whether it's residential, industrial, retail, commercial development that will happen on that very lucrative corridor on 75," Jenkins said.

Jenkins said the Warner Robins Development Authority is growing every month and will be used as another tool to grow the community.

They are sending the IGA to the Houston County Development Authority. If they approve it, the two authorities can start working together more in the future.

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