'You can't just drive past something like that': Maconites save people, pets from TX flood

Adam English, Tommy DeWitt and Kyle Smith drove from Macon to Texas rescue people and pets from flood waters / Adam English 

SILSBEE, TX -- Three men from Macon are in Texas to aid in Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

Friends Adam English, Tommy DeWitt and Kyle Smith decided to drive to Texas on Monday around 7 p.m. to lend a hand.

"I felt like there was a need so we jumped in the truck that evening and drove straight through," English said.

They brought a box truck full of supplies with them including hundreds of cases of water, dog food, diapers and toiletries.

When they arrived in a rural area outside of Crosby, Texas, they saw the desperation first hand.

"People being at their homes and they had gone back in and tried to assess how much damage was there and now they had gotten stuck," DeWitt said.

They then began helping round up their cattle and other pets.

DeWitt, a Macon-Bibb firefighter, said they soon realized their rescue efforts were far from over.

The men found three dogs sitting atop fence posts and chairs on a front porch to keep from falling in the flood waters.

"You can't just drive past something like that," DeWitt said.

The dogs were terrified when their heroes arrived.

"We had to actually coax them to us. You never know what a dog's going to do, especially having been through a hurricane and sitting in a chair for God knows how long," English said.

In total, the men helped rescue humans, dogs, cats, horses, chickens, cattle and even a bearded dragon from the flooding.

They coordinated with local veterinarians to get help for the animals both large and small.

On Thursday the men headed to their next mission near Silsbee and Lumberton, Texas.

"We got a call that nobody could get back here so we kind of weaved around some backroads," English said. "We're going to try to make the push to help some people out."

They plan to head back to Georgia sometime Friday.

"We're on the tail end of our journey and we're just trying to lay some groundwork for the guys that are coming in behind us," English said.

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