AAA projects gas prices to jump 30 to 70 cents this Spring

You could be paying more for your spring break road trip.

A new report from the American Automobile Association (AAA) projects a 30 to 70 cent increase in gas prices this spring. The report states the seasonal increase is standard, and prices jumped each of the past five years between February and Memorial Day.

With the projected increase, some drivers are preparing to adjust their budgets. This includes Judy Sexton, who drives vehicles for Macon’s Loaves and Fishes Ministry. Sexton said the ministry budgets between $60 and $80 for gas each month.

“We try to be very careful,” Sexton said. “We go to the food bank every week so we have that expense, and sometimes we pick up donations.”

Sexton said an increase of 70 cents per gallon isn’t something she likes to hear.

“It means our budget will not go as far as it needs to,” Sexton said.

The AAA report credits the increase to oil refineries shutting down some machinery for seasonal maintenance, and to prepare for the summertime blend of gasoline. The seasonal increase comes when more Americans are hitting the road for spring vacations, and will make some drivers reconsider weekend plans.

“It might make me think of not getting out and about if I don’t have to,” said Ben Alfred of Macon.

We crunched the numbers to see how much the projected increase will impact your wallet.

Right now, the average price for a gallon of gas in Georgia is $2.20. The increase could mean prices between $2.55 and $2.90.

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