Kids Yule Love provides Christmas presents to families in need in Middle Georgia


It's the season to give back, and one local organization is working hard to make sure children all over Middle Georgia have a gift under the tree on Christmas morning.

This is the 30th anniversary for the organization. This year, the charity added a requirement that parents volunteer four hours in their church or a local charity in return for the toys.

Founder Joe Allen said at first, applications dropped about 15 percent. But then surrounding counties asked to be a part of the program and many of the parents changed their mind late and agreed to volunteer.

Allen said it is important that people remember the organization's expenses last year-round.

"Everybody thinks, 'Well, the people are not coming like they were,' which they are! We have a building now which we have to pay. You figure an old grocery store that we have to keep the lights on, that's $1,200 to $1,300 a month just to have the lights on. And have the toys come in, boxes we have to pay for, water and other things we have to pay for," he said.

You can donate to Kids Yule Love at most local fire departments or through their website.

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