Baseball returns to Luther Williams Field with Macon RBI

Luther Williams Field served as the site for Saturday's baseball clinic for the Macon chapter of RBI. /(Luke Hetrick, WGXA)

MACON, GA -- On a hot, muggy June morning, baseball returned to Luther Williams Field.

Games weren't played and no stats were recorded. Instead, the Macon chapter of RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) held a youth clinic teaching kids the fundamentals of baseball.

Nearly 100 kids put on the glove and learned the fundamentals of baseball from coaches including former MLB star and Macon native Milt Cuyler.

"The baseball has dropped in the inner city of Macon and most cities so it's a delight for me just to see so many kids out here playing baseball," Cuyler said. "Not just African American kids but just kids in general playing baseball."

Still in its early stages of existence, RBI continues to spread its roots in Macon. Saturday's venue provided no better environment for Macon kids to discover what baseball means to the community.

"This is Luther Williams Field where I played as well so to see all of the kids out here battling the gnats like we had to do back in the day means a lot," said RBI member Jeff Battcher. "This is a special day."

This past season, Macon RBI had over 300 participants in baseball and softball leagues.

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