Football season tailgating kicks off in Macon

Macon Football Tailgate Host Johnny Burke kicks off the football season with a tailgate prior to the Atlanta Falcons preseason game Thursday night. /(Luke Hetrick, WGXA)

When fans can't make it into the stadium for the game, the next best thing is to set up shop in the parking lot and tailgate.

Some people can't make it to those games and miss out on the whole experience.

Thursday, a group of football fans are opening the doors to fans for the ultimate tailgating experience. At Eagle's Nest off Masseyville Road in Macon, Johnny Burke and company will be holding a tailgate open to the public prior to every Atlanta Falcons game.

"There's a lot of people in Macon that don't get a chance to tailgate," said Football Tailgate Host Johnny Burke. "I thought it was a great idea that we all get together and let's tailgate and have fun for the football season."

Burke and his friends and family tailgated for years at Falcons games at the Georgia Dome. Overtime it just became too much for Burke to travel back and forth every week. Every game day for the Atlanta Falcons, the crew will set up at the Eagle's Nest and welcome all football fans.

"If you're a 49ers fan or a Dallas fan, come on out," said Burke. "We enjoy to have all football fans and we would love to have you."

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