Resurfacing at Atlanta Motor Speedway postponed

Resurfacing of the track at Atlanta Motor Speedway will be rescheduled for after the 2018 Racing Weekend. /(AMS)

HAMPTON, GA -- Another year will pass before resurfacing will occur at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

After numerous discussions with NASCAR, Goodyear, teams and drivers, the speedway postponed the resurfacing until after 2018 Racing Weekend.

"The overwhelming majority have urged us to hold off on paving that we can enjoy at least one more weekend of high-speed slipping and sliding in 2018 before the new surface is installed," said Track President Ed Clark.

Originally opting to resurface the track in January, Atlanta Motor Speedway opted to continue it's routine maintenance program to prevent further deterioration.

Atlanta Motors Speedway was last paved in 1997 when the track was reconfigured to its current layout.

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