Pulaski Co. gears up to elect candidate for county's sole commissioner seat

    Pulaski County will be electing a candidate for the county's sole commissioner seat on November 6/Miles Garrett (WGXA)

    PULASKI COUNTY, Ga. -- On November 6, Pulaski County citizens will vote on a candidate to fill the county's single commissioner spot.

    The town of Hawkinsville is a small community in Pulaski County, which is why there's only one county commissioner position to fill next week.

    Hawkinsville's city manager, Sarah Myers, said the sole commissioner manages a lot of responsibility - the county has just over 11,000 residents.

    "The responsibility that the county commissioner has, it resembles a lot of a county administrator would," said Myers.

    She said the town and the county work hand in hand to get jobs done in their community.

    "The city works with a county, we have a lot of intergovernmental agreements. All of our services are consolidated," Myers said.

    The citizens have considered change before. According to the last election for the spot in 2012, the city and the county seem to be at odds on whether there should be another county commissioner seat.

    "The city passed it but the county did not, so therefore it didn't pass. So there's talk of needing more opinions than just one sole commissioner, so it has been brought up," Myers said.

    Should a change happen again, the county commissioner and the city would have to come together to decide - only then could it be voted on.

    For now, Hawkinsville is waiting to see who their new county commissioner will be.

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